Fall Message From Harvest Time Ministries

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Harvest Time friends and partners- SHALOM! Blessings and peace in the name of our Precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Dear Friends, this year has been difficult for many, Because Covid is being better controlled it no longer is a major news topic. Now the media focuses on the Russian invasion where thousands have died. Millions of families are now homeless. Fathers say goodbye to their families… without knowing if they are going to see them again because they go to the battlefield. Now we face the effects of Hurricane Ian which devastated Southwest Florida in so many ways. Many people lost everything and are homeless. Our beautiful beaches are off limits due a significant increase in infections by ‘Vibrio vulnificus’, colloquially known as ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria. As a result, many are grieving these losses and experimenting depression, anger, projection of blame, and denial as to the real causes of these events. But as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are to pray for those who are in need and for the Church to assist in this regard: Lord we pray, that You help the Church be in the world without being of the world. As divisions grow in our society, we pray that the Church can be present, inclusive, and loving, open to all and not secluded and closed off. Lord, we pray that you heal us and bring us together in UNITY. We that we may magnify Your glory. Grant us, the Body of Christ UNITY. That we may walk humbly with You, God. allowing You to show us our wrongs. Romans 12:5So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”

As we begin to minister to farm worker and low-income families again this fall, we will need to restock our food pantry. Your help would be greatly appreciated. We are so thankful for all the wonderful volunteers, who are so helpful in doing inventory, sorting clothing, packing food bags and delivering items to the camps. We need children’s clothing both and household items and toys, new and used clothing (all sizes) men’s tee shirts and pants through size 36. For information on drop off or pick up please call Barbara (301)602-0125 or Carol (239)822-5305.

We are Thankful for the continue support of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran church, Hope Lutheran Church, Gulf Shore Church, Jesus la Roca Church, New Life Church, Gulf Coast nursing DPT, partners who continue helping the farm workers and their families in our area. We also thank so many others who have been so helpful with your prayers and financial support over the years.

† Lastly, a farmworker couple, their story: We came with a work permit, from Monterrey Mexico. We have 5 children. The father said I am an Electrician by profession, I lost my job due to the pandemic, we had to leave our little ones with the maternal grandmother, and we decided to come to work as tomato pickers under the Florida sun. It is a job I never thought to do but I needed to provide essentials for our children. We seek opportunities for their future. looking at their hands they say the work is hard.  With tears in their eyes and words broken due to emotion, they explain that they miss their little ones, adding that they are grateful for the opportunity and the help that the Ministry comes to offer.

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